Disrupt Startup ScaleUP

An impact rather than an event for an amazing group of people from across the world all with an obvious soft spot for the new and innovative. This year we scale new dizzying heights. We have high-energy competitions for startups with earth-shattering ideas in five different sectors (agribusiness, cleantech, health, creative industries and technology). We have world-class entrepreneurs inspire and mentor. We have international investors on the look-out for the next big thing. We have fancy, prestigious prizes. And of course we have institutions announcing job offers and their readiness to be dazzled. International media have this live so no one misses out.

Imagine what could happen when innovation in five different sectors come together.  The impact is greater than you could imagine:

  • 70 new jobs were created after the event
  • 65% of startups hired more people
  • 90% believe the competition helped the development of their idea/startup
  • 67% said they moved into new premises
  • 75% had interest from abroad for their startup (52% in 2012)
  • 65% have received external funding or investment

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