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Launched in 2012, Greece: History & Culture, became an instant hit on Apple’s App Store. In quickly reached the #1 spot of of top selling apps and at the same time was constantly featured by Apple in the educational category. It captured the interest of not only Greeks, but of all history buffs around the world. The creators, Anastasios Voulgaris, founder of Skebos and his brother Dimitrios Voulgaris, an archaeologist were featured in countless news articles and interviews on TV, newspapers, magazines and internet sites. It was awarded in the 3rd iBank Competition for Innovation & Technology and by the Reset Greece movement in the European Parliament.


Start exploring the History and Culture of Greece, the Land of Gods and Heroes, using an intuitive and beautiful interface.

Take thousands of years of Greek History in your pocket. No Internet connection is required to use this app. All content is offline in your device.

The app will help you explore the History of Greece in depths and its suitable for history enthusiasts, researchers, students, teachers, second and third generation Greeks, and of course it is a must have, if you are travelling to Greece!

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We are Live on SKAI TV

Anastasios Voulgaris, founder of Skebos, talks live with Anna Bousdoukou on SKAI TV about Greece: History & Culture.

We are on national TV

Anastasios Voulgaris, founder of Skebos, talks live with Eleni Menegaki about Greece: History & Culture. Eleni’s TV show is the most popular…

Awarded in the 3rd competition “iBank Innovation & Technology”

Our top selling app, “Greece: History & Culture” got awarded in the prestigious competition “iBank Innovation & Technology”

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